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ION Collision Vest
  PRODUCT INFORMATION   › Super elastic snug body fit › Sound pocket inside (d..
ION Vector Vest
  PRODUCT INFORMATION   › Gecko_Grip: Embossed skin Neopren side panels prevent s..
ION Ballistic boots 6/5
Features: ARMAMID: super resistant protection sole against sharp mussels, coral reef and other..
ION Ivy Vest Women
New women impact vest for kiting Super elastic snug fit with stretch seams Pre-shap..
ION Neo Gloves 3/2
Features: Gecko_Grip: ever watched a gecko running up and down the walls? Then you know ins..
ION Claw Gloves 3/2
  PRODUCT INFORMATION   › Glued Blind-Stitch: water sealing for all seams &nbs..
ION Neo Hood 2/1
Features Maximum Warmth: the best water sealing and protection for your head against the co..
ION Open Palm Mittens
Product Information 2,5mm ..
ION Poncho Changing Towel
Mobile changing room and towel for the beach. Avoid the cold winds and rain with this changing to..
ION Wetsuit Bag
Optional bag for storage Suitable for standing on inside while changing at the beach ..
North Kite Vest Waist
Sizes 46/XS; 48/S; 50/M; 52/L; 54/XL   ..
ION Helmet
Helmet for kite and wakeboarding Solid protection Perfect fit, cool style D..
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